Get Started

The fundamental tasks to be accomplished when building a TACHYON project are regrouped in this quick start guide. Investigate a few of the software’s modules, and create a simple show.


  • 2 TACHYON server connected on a dedicated network.

  • 2 video projectors connected to the server.

  • 1 half-cube

  • 1 media asset such as a .MOV video file.

1. SETTINGS (Establish Networking)

  1. Open the Settings module. Select {System > Settings} or press [Alt+S].

  2. Press {Tab} to display Tachyon UI.

  3. Select {System > Settings} or press [Alt+S].

  4. Open the {Create Network Group} window and select the available server.

  5. Set the connection ports and click on the [Apply] button.

2. SETTINGS (Create and Configure Outputs)

  1. Open the Settings module. Select {System > Settings} or press [Alt+S].

  2. Set the first server in Controller mode.

  3. Set the second server in Display mode

  4. Create outputs (auto creation of displays) on the server.

  5. Configure the output resolution.

3. 3D SCENE (Add a Screen)

  1. Open the 3D Scene module.Select {System > 3D Scene} or press [Alt+C].

  2. Add a Screen {Primitive > Default Object > Cube}.

  3. Open the Transformations Option panel. Press [T] or select {Options Panels > Transformations}.

  4. Scale and position the Screen.

  5. Open the Properties Option panel. Press [P] or select {Options Panels > Properties}.

  6. Set the resolution of the Screen.

4. 3D SCENE (Manual Calibration)

  1. Select the calibration mode.

  2. Activate the [Enable calibration] toggle.

  3. Select both projectors.

  4. [Map] the Cube object on the projectors.

  5. Select the first projector

  6. [Ctrl+double-left-click] the Cube vertices to activate the calibration points.

  7. Position them in the Calibration Tool window to match the physical model’s points.

  8. Repeat the previous steps with the second projector.

  9. Display the calibration Grid. Press [D].

  10. Activate the [Enable Blending] toggle.


  1. Open the file manager module. Select {Show > File Manager} or press [Alt+F].

  2. Click on the [Import] button.

  3. Browse your media assets.

  4. Click on the [Open] button.

  5. Watch for the task’s completion.


  1. Open the Timeline module. Select {Show > Timeline} or press [Alt+t].

  2. Add a Media Clip to the Screen.

  3. Assign a video file to the Media Clip.

  4. Double-click on the timebar to move the playhead.

  5. Press the [space bar] to start playback.

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