2.7 Default Camera Selection

The 3D Scene Preview features a Default Camera through which you can see the virtual stage space. This Default Camera has a fixed visual field and is not represented.

If you want to visualize the virtual stage space with a different visual field or use a Display’s point of view, you can change how the Default Camera is assigned. For example, you could use a Display such as a video projector to act as the Default Camera, to see what lies in front of it. (This is a good way to verify if a Projection Surface is in a Projector’s visual field). A dropdown menu located in the top-left corner of the 3D Scene window will allow you to change the Default Camera’s attributes.

Click on the {Default Camera} dropdown menu and select the Projector or Virtual Projector you want to use as the 3D Scene Preview’s new point of view.

If you select a Projector as the new point of view and move it around in the 3D Scene, you will modify its parameters.

You can select calibrated Projectors as points of view, but you will not be able to move them or change any of their parameters because the Calibration process locks their position and orientation.

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