2.8 Blending

Multiple projectors are often used to create a seamless video image on a Projection Surface. For calibrating multiple projectors TACHYON features automatic edge blending, a process through which the projected images are altered to seamlessly blend into one another.

TACHYON automatically calculates Blending masks on load of the project. The only action a user can take is to recalculate the blending (after a calibration change for example) (once the Calibration process is complete Blending masks are saved and applied to the video outputs)

Enable Blending and Select Blending Mode

Make sure the 3D Scene module’s current mode is set to {Calibration} [2] .

  1. To open the Blending Panel, click on the [B] button located in the top-right corner or the 3D Scene window.

  1. Click the [Enable] toggle to activate Blending.

  2. Select Static Blending from the Blending mode dropdown menu

  3. Press the [Compute Mask] button: the Blending mask will be calculated every time you click on this button, making it possible for you to recalculate masks if there are changes in the Calibration.

Blending can also be enabled/disabled from quick option bar in the calibration tools by pressing the {B} icon toggle.

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