5. Playlists

Playlists are collections of media files created by users. They are helpful when programming shows because they can provide access to categorized media content banks. They should be considered a must for shows that use numerous media files.

5.1 Playlist Creation and Management

A [+] button located under the Sorting Tool (the itemized column on the left side of the File Manager window) will allow you to create Playlists from selected media files (see Section 5.1 Playlist Creation in Chapter 3 Importing Content).

  • Press the [+] button to create a new Playlist.

  • Drag and drop media files from the Media Files List onto the β€œNew Playlist.” They will be added to the Playlist.

  • By clicking on a Playlist, the Media Files List will only show files that have been added to that specific Playlist.

  • By selecting a Playlist and starting an Import, all of the imported files will automatically be placed in the Playlist.

  • Deleting a Playlist will not delete the media files identified in it. It will only delete the list.

  • Playlists can be duplicated, deleted and renamed by using a contextual menu. Right-click on a Playlist to access this menu.

  • By right-clicking on selected Media clips in the Timeline a contextual menu will open and offer the {Create Playlist with Clips} option. If this option is selected, a Playlist containing the selected media files will be generated.

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