2. Timeline Editor

The Timeline module can be broken up into different subsets of tools. Each subset corresponds to a specific window section of the Timeline module (with the notable exception of the Color Correction Tools which have their own window). This section of the manual focuses on the Timeline Editor window section, which is used for organizing media, cues, effects, etc.

The lower section of the Timeline window is called the Timeline Editor and regroups the tools you will use to edit a Show. Shows are constructed by placing Clips sequentially in the tracks of the Timeline.

The horizontal axis of the Timeline shows the time progression of a Show, expressed in hours:minutes:seconds:frames.

Screens (see Section 2.1.2 Screens in Chapter 4 Programming a Show) are positioned on the vertical axis of the Timeline. Each Screen can contain one or many Layers, which in turn contain different types of Clips: media, cues, effects, etc.

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