2.2 Clip Types

Empty Clip [Ctrl+N]

Empty Clips act as empty shells that don’t contain anything. They are mainly used to add operation notes in the Timeline. The default color for representing Empty Clips is grey.

Media Clip [Ctrl+M]

Media Clips contain different kinds of media: single frame images, videos and sound files. The default color for representing Media Clips is red.

FX Stack Clip [Ctrl+E]

FX Stack Clips act as adjustment Layers, transforming one or two sources with real-time effects (blur, glow, etc.). There are more than one hundred different kinds of effects. The default color for representing FX Stack Clips is light blue.

Virtual Projector Clip [Ctrl+R]

Virtual Projector Clips re-project content from a point of view defined by the position and orientation of its corresponding Virtual Projector in the 3D Scene. They virtually project images onto Screens, modifying their texture in the process. Virtual Projector Clips are often used in interactive effects used in combination with camera mapping. The default color for representing Virtual Projector Clips is yellow.

Input Device Clip [Ctrl+I]

Input Device Clips refer to input devices such as video acquisition cards, cameras and NDI streams accessed through the I/O module. An Input Device Clip will display its texture (the incoming video feed) onto the Screens they are placed in. The default color for representing Input Device Clips is mauve.

Cue Clip [Ctrl+U]

Cue Clips refer to Cues which are macro commands created with the help of the Cue Editor module. They are triggered by TACHYON when the Playhead intersects with the boundaries of the Clip. The default color for representing Cue Clips is green.

Proxy Clip [Ctrl+P]

Proxy Clips allow you to distribute a reference texture originating from another Clip to other Screens. The source Clip (media, live input, etc.) is usually placed in the Root. Using Proxy Clips reduces the load on the GPU and the disks because the texture is only read once even if its content is displayed on multiple Screens. The default color for representing Proxy Clips is purple.

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