2.8 Universal Crossfade

The Universal Crossfade widgets can be found in the far left part of the Timeline Editor window section.

This function allows you to execute a crossfade from any point to an other in the Timeline. If the Playhead jumps from any location to an other on the Timeline, a smooth transition will occur. The number and type of Clips (Media, FX, Input Device) being read at each location does not matter; the system will still execute a smooth crossfade between the two states.

Enable Universal Crossfade

  • Click on the [Enable] toggle to activate or deactivate the Universal Crossfade function.

Set Universal Crossfade Duration

  • [Click+Drag] the Cross Fade Slider (measured in seconds) to set the Universal Crossfade duration.

The Universal Crossfade function will only work if TACHYON detects a Playhead jump that has a duration greater than 1 second.

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