Map a MIDI Slider


  • A MIDI Controller (the AKAI MPD24 is used in this example).

1. Add a MIDI Controller.

  1. Open the I/O Manager module. Select {System > I/O Manager} or press [Alt+I].

  2. Select the MIDI tab.

  3. Select an empty slot from the Active Devices list.

  4. Select a device from the Available Devices list to assign it.

  5. Enable the [Show midi messages] button

  6. Validate the MIDI Controller assignation by watching the incoming MIDI messages

2. Bind a Physical Slider to TACHYON.

  1. Open the Output Control tool. Select {System > Tools > Output Control} or press [Alt+O].

  2. Open the Mapping Manager module. Select {System > Mapping Manager} or press [Alt+N].

  3. Activate the [Control Learning] toggle. (The UI will be tinted in red as long as Control Learning is enabled.)

  4. Navigate back to the Output Control module and select the Master Contrast slider.

  5. Assign the Master Contrast slider to the MIDI controller by moving one of its sliders.

  6. Deactivate the [Control Learning] toggle.

  7. Validate the slider assignation by watching its the repercussion in the UI.

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