TACHYON - V11.1 Release Note


  • The preload media option is now disabled by default.

  • Timeline Editing: Shortcut to trim clips to fade-in/out points.

    • Trim using Ctrl+Shift+[ or Ctrl+Shift+] to consider the beginning or end of a transition.

  • Snap playhead to fade in/out values.

  • Visual cue when a clip snaps to the playhead.

  • Visual cue when a region snaps to the playhead.

  • New DMX clip icon.

  • Display icon when the media clip is linked to a fixture.

  • New media clip icons.

    • Icon for media type (image vs. video).

    • Icon if frame blending is enabled.

  • Ability to frame selected clips from Clip Properties using the shortcut [F].

  • Improved Clips Cache now evaluates all clip types.

  • Added the ability to specify universal cross-fade delay threshold.

  • Photon's new synchronization mechanism supports Nvidia Gsync, allowing perfect multi-server frame accuracy and smoother playback.

Color Management

  • REC2100 colorspace and PQ curve are now supported for color transformation, allowing for even more accurate and vibrant colors.

  • The Color Picker is now an independent module, making it more user-friendly and streamlined. It can directly be accessed with a simple shortcut: [Alt+Y].


  • UV Preview with Hierarchy rendering:

    • Users can now preview an assembled version of UVs inside a hierarchy of objects. This tool lets users see the UV clusters of each object that makes up a hierarchy rendering and allows them to snap the texture to clusters independently.

  • UV conversion and realtime splitting improvements (automatic media slicing for multi-server super high-resolution playback):

    • Added splitting support for Virtual Projector and LED screen

    • Added LED preview and timeline preview splitting support.

File Management

  • Export CSV

    • Now includes an index column.

    • Export CSV index starts at 1.

    • "Hide original" option is now considered.

  • New File Manager filters:

    • File Sequence: Groups .seq files and their associated VCI files.

    • Converted: Groups only converted VCI files.

    • Originals: Groups only imported original files.

      Ignores and disables the hide originals toggle automatically.

  • New LED splitting on conversion support.

    • The systems can automatically crop the required slice of video at conversion for each playback machine based on its connected LED processor coverage.

  • Notch blocks now appear in used/unused Filters.

  • P2P version 2023.

    • New and improved high-performance internal transfer engine for File Manager is now P2P v3, resulting in significantly better performance on high bandwidth networks.

3D Scene

  • Improved 3D object transparency rendering.

  • Virtual Projectors performance optimization.

    • Introducing vertex clipping mechanism to reduce the amount of pixels rasterized.

  • FBX SDK update to 2020.3.1.


  • Greatly improved Font Rendering.

  • Redesigned Scalable interface (4k compatible) with redesigned iconography.

  • Maximizable windows now have a dedicated indicator icon and can restore the original size.

  • Added instant search in all combo boxes.

  • Keyframe Editor now follows the zoom factor.

    • Improved shortcuts consistency.

    • Albion Monitoring shortcut is now ALT+SHIFT+A ● Profiler shortcut is now ALT+P.

    • Undo Manager is now ALT+SHIFT+U.


  • Projector control:

    • Introducing a new basic control feature for the Christie HS series.

  • Network Show Control:

    • The GET_SYSTEM_STATE command will now provide the current task's percentage (%) in its reply.

    • The new REMOVE_MEDIA command can now delete media from the Media Library, including files in playlists and the content folder.

  • DMX:

    • DMX layer control of "media index" now starts at 1.

      0 means "No Media".

    • DMX layer control performances using a "media index" with many media files are greatly improved.

    • DMX Show Control value is now applied to its linked parameter only on value change.

    • DMX timeline control of "region index" now starts at 1. 0 means "Do Nothing."


  • Improved logs when PHOTON connects or disconnects from projectors.

  • Improved log messages in case of errors when pressing on "NVIDIA Control Panel" from the Settings window.

  • Improved "Log Manager" internal networking pipeline.

  • Prevent overzealous logging from PJLink projectors.

  • Reduce the number of log entries for missing VCI / VCD files.

  • Complain only once about excess cameras in a project.


  • You can save a project using the Shadow module without recording other actions.

    • The project will be saved in a shadow session if no recording types are selected (e.g. mouse, PSN...)

Network Assistant

  • A new option to delay the startup of VNA to allow all system resources to complete boot.


  • New FREE and DOWNLOADABLE version Tachyon Learning.

    • 2x watermarked output.

    • Please download, learn, test and have fun at tachyon.video.

  • Added Virtual Projector support in the 3D Scene.

  • Added Composer clip support in Timeline.

  • Added FBX support.

  • Various UI improvements.

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