2.6 Display Soloing

When the Calibration mode is enabled, all of the Displays that are connected will simultaneously project/show Display Grids or the 3D object meshes. This can be overwhelming and might create confusion while attempting calibration.

To simplify the calibration process it is possible to select a single Display out of the group and mask the output of the other Displays.

Solo a Display

In the Calibration Tools Window Display list, [Right-click] on the entry corresponding to the Display you want to solo. A contextual menu will open.

Select {Solo} from the contextual menu. You will notice that the Eye icons located to the right of each entry in the Calibration Tools Window Display list will feature a strikethrough, except for the Display that was calibrated solo.

If you wish to "unsolo" the Display, repeat the same action.

The solo function will remember which Display you have masked (or not) when you “unsolo.”

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