2.10 Decorative Objects

In the 3D Scene it is possible to add 3D objects that do not act as Screens. These 3D objects can be used to represent technical equipment, set elements, seating, etc. that are part of the real-world stage space, without being used as Projection Surfaces.

TACHYON’s default behavior is to consider any 3D object added in the 3D Scene module as a Screen. As a result, these 3D objects end up being represented in the Timeline module, which might create confusion.

It is possible to declare 3D objects as Decorative Objects to prevent TACHYON from automatically turning them into Screens. As Decorative Objects these 3D objects will not be shown in the Timeline module, and will be taken into account for computations related to video projection.

Declaring a Decorative Object

  1. Select the 3D object by clicking on its entry in the Scene Primitives list.

  2. Press [P] on the keyboard or select {Options Panels > Properties} from the 3D Scene module’s menu to open the Properties Panel.

  3. Click on the first dropdown menu in the {Display Options} section of the Properties Panel to change the default option from {Projection Surface} to {Decorative}.

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