6. File Versioning

A file versioning system allows TACHYON users to automatically specify which version of a file will be linked to a Timeline’s Media Clip.


File versions have to respect the following naming convention:

anyfilename _V###

For example, multiple versions of a media named nightsky would be named : nightsky_V001, nightsky_V002, Nightsky_V003, etc.


  1. Select {System > Settings} or press [Alt+S] to open the Settings module.

  2. Select the General tab of the Settings module.

  3. Select File Manager Settings panel from the list.

  4. Locate the Preferred section.

  5. Activate the [Enable Preferred Version] toggle.

  6. Activate the [Preferred Latest Version] toggle.

File Manager

  1. Select {Show > File Manager} or press [Alt+F] to open the File Manager module.

  2. Click on the Import New Media button to open the “Import file(s)” window

  3. Perform a group selection of the multiple versions of the media file. (Naming convention: anyfilename _V###).


  1. Select {Show > Timeline} or press [Alt+T] to open the Timeline module.

  2. Make sure the File Manager module is still open.

  3. [Click-drag] a media file included in the version collection from the File Manager list onto the Timeline.

  4. If the {Preferred Latest Version} toggle is activated, the latest imported version will be displayed. A star will be displayed in the clip icons indicating a newer or preferred version is in use.

Select/Unset Preferred Version in the File Manager

  1. Navigate back to the File Manager.

  2. Right-click on the version you want to use.

  3. Select {set preferred} from the contextual menu. A Mario star will now indicate it is the preferred version.


  1. Select {Unset Prefered} from the contextual menu. The selection will default back to the latest version if the [Preferred Latest Version] toggle is activated or the version currently set in the clip if the [Preferred Latest Version] toggle is deactivated.

Warning: This will be applied to ALL clips using one of the media in that collection.

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